CaribbeanFly Cruise2014ByNomanonoIsaacsYou may wonder why you should be excited with and by all. Well, since we are all so used to expecting the worst, I am choosing, right now, that this Spring time, beginning today, April 1st, 2018, I am going to be Excited by everything that shows up for me. I am actually already feeling excited about this new month of April. I am looking forward to all that is going to show up in my reality. Please join me in tuning into the wonder of the child that we once were! You already know what it feels like to be excited about something. When you are excited you feel as though new life is pulsating in your whole being.
You look forward with so much joy in your being and sometimes, it is as if you are going to burst as the feelings are so blissful. You feel happiness, joy, peace and you can’t stop giggling. Many beautiful images come into your mind. You have the feeling on invincibility. Even when you don’t really know why you feel happy, just enjoy it. Be thankful for the feeling of happiness, the joy and the giggles that you are feeling and have, because more and more happiness in your heart will keep on coming. Is this not what you are looking for and wanting in your life? I certainly want this feeling in mine. Surely, there is a lot of beauty around us. When you get out of your home, and go for a walk, there's always something beautiful around. Trees, standing tall and majestic. Even if it is a tree you have seen before, but because of change of seasons, something special is in that tree. There's new life springing out and shouting 'Have a Magnificent Day!' The air you breathe is fresh and as you walk don't you feel a spring on your step? A new beginning of some sort, even if you do not know what exactly? Is is not wonderful that we really never know what the next minute holds for us? If we knew everything, wouldn't life be boring? I think so. The element of surpirse would be missing. The Creator is wise for letting us move on in life without knowing what is around the corner. This way, it is easy to eagerly look forward with excited anticipation of all wonderful images and aspirations in your heart and mind.
Okay, life is full of contrasts. There are moments when we feel or have felt like it is the end of the world. Things going wrong in our lives, with ourselves or those very dear to us. The sad and painful moments we have experienced. However, we have always managed to keep going and here we are, we have made it to the end of March 2018. So, starting a new month with a resolve that we are changing how we look at things, I think it is a good start. It helps serve us, within. We are Very powerful creators. We have created each and every moment until this very moment. This moment forward, I say, I Am going to be excited with my life. And I will be excited with things that will come and teach me something new. I am not going to look at what is, and truly believe it. I have done that up to yesterday..... hahahahaha! No more. I am excited that I really don't know what is going to show up and what my life is going to be like, by the end of today. How I will be feeling. I am ready. I am choosing to learn from all that I encounter and experience today, onwards. Thank you month of April. You are a new beginning for me right now. You must feel pretty special, too, that I am choosing to celebrate you right now, and I am choosing to celebrate my every moment.
I am very thankful that in the months of February and March, I had massages, from two lovely ladies. They both gifted me for my birthday, massages. I have received with my open heart and great thanks the gifts of being beautifully and lovingly pampered. I feel very Blessed. I am thankful for a lot of things in my life right now. All that I already have and all that is on its way to me. I am thankful and excited.

I truly wish you a very successful and Exciting month of April. May ALL your desires and dreams manifest with ease and effortlessness. Big Time. Stay Blessed.

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