Beloved wonderful you, do you ever self-sabotage and self-hurt?



NomanonoIsaacsRoundhayWhat is self-sabotage and what is self-hurting anyway?

This is when two opposing feelings are active and working within you. First you have this amazing clarity of what you want to do and achieve. Then you have the doubts and fear creeping in. You then listen or dwell more on the doubts. You start telling yourself that you are not good enough and the idea you had anyway, in the first place, was just a dream because you have not grown strong enough to do and achieve what you thought of. You go around in your mind, convincing yourself what a bad idea to think that you can achieve this and that, when in fact you need to learn more and be stronger in such and such. All of this my friend, is self-sabotage. You have let doubts cripple or diminish what was a very clear and good idea.  



There are many ways of doing this. Think of the energy of the idea that you initially had. You felt good when you thought of it and what you were going to achieve. However, because you listened and let doubts win over you, you stifled, the initial exuberance. Where do you think that energy is now? It is still within your body and your being. It is a suppressed energy. It is now like a child who is screaming to be heard, frustrated that she or he is being ignored. It is the same thing with the idea that you deny voices or outlet to. They are the trapped energies within you. Remember that first and foremost, you are energy more than you are flesh and bones. You live in an energetic world. So, the ideas that you have are all energies. You have the initially exciting idea which you stifle with the energy of doubt. Both these energies are swelling within you. At some point something is going to give. You start to either feel fatigued, irritable, confused and your body having stiffness or you get overwhelmed. You become lethargic. All of these are energies playing havoc within your body. Your physical body takes the first hit. You have all kinds of pains in your physical body. You end up taking prescription tablets. And these tablets are a short-term solution. Then you get ill. This is all because your ideas, or artistic expressions are screaming to be let out. Sometimes, self-sabotage may be dwelling on something that is making you feel angry, annoyed or resentful. This is all  part of self-sabotage because your true self wants to be expressed in beautiful, loving, happy and joyful ways. It is so simple, when you think about it. 


Getting out of the Patterns of Self-Sabotage and Self-Hurting

Please know that you always have help. You are never alone. There is plenty of help from the other side of the veil. I mean, you have GOD, Mother Earth, Angels, Ascended Masters and so on, to call on. Or just pray for clarity. Clarity will come. Watch for subtle hints. Listen to Your Inner Being. Once you have a hint of what it is that you really want to achieve in your life, stay with that thought and do not let it go. You may notice that the same thought and idea that keep coming to you make you feel good when you think about. So, consider the possibility that this idea or thought, may be good for you and it is worth pursuing. And go ahead and work towards that idea. When it is something that is meant for you to do and achieve, you will know. Each and everyone has the inner knowing. When doubts come in again, tell yourself that you are going to face the fear and do it anyway. You cannot lose by trying. Even if you fail at what you do, the most important thing is that you have done it and during the process, it felt good. Hold on to the good feeling, feelings. They are the ones that elevate and bring more ideas in your realities. Other things you can do to self-motivate or self-inspire is to write lists of things that you are good at and what it is that makes you such a wonderful person. What do you say to yourself? Are there words that you use to describe yourself which are devaluing you? Move away from seeing yourself as less than. You are not less than. Do not look at what others are and start to compare yourself to them. Be happy and content with you as you are, right now. You can also say this to yourself: "I Love Myself. I Love Me." I Am In Love With Myself." This is important. Love self before looking for love in all the wrong places and looking for validation, in all the wrong places. Stay Blessed!





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