Caribbean2013FlyCruiseNomanonoIsaacsDo you look down at asylum seekers or refugees? Do you want them to be kept very far away from you? Do you see them as people who do not deserve the life you enjoy? Do you see those who come mostly from Islamic countries as really bad people? Do you really believe all the negative news about Muslims? If you do, I ask you to consider this: how would you feel if untruths were told about you and it became worldwide knowledge that you were this horrible individual and yet, your honest truth as you knew it, was totally the opposite of what was being said about you out there? And also please consider that there is bad and good in every society and religion, in every race and every skin tone.


Have you ever thought or imagined what it is like to be a refugee or an asylum seeker? Do you ever think that being an asylum seeker or refugee can happen to anyone? And it can even happen to you? No one chooses to leave their home just for the fun of it. Do you really believe that all Muslims are dangerous?


I was an asylum seeker at some stage in my life. It was not a nice thing to be officially documented as ‘Stateless’ and wherever I went, I had a document that told every person in authority that I was Stateless. I was categorised as such because after fleeing South Africa, a country of my birth, for political reasons, until I had a country that would grant me asylum, I would remain ‘Stateless.’


What I have learnt on my journey is never to generalise about people. There’s good and bad in every human being. I have met people who are very fearful of Muslims. And I have met really wonderful, caring and loving Muslims. Just as much as I have met Christians and other people of other religious faiths, who are caring and loving. I have also met people who I have not liked and I am sure they have not liked me either. And that is perfectly alright because we are all very different and come from different backgrounds.


Right now I want to say that I am very blessed because I have seen the most aggressive and horrible side of humans as well as the most caring, kind and loving side of humans. So please, do not generalise about people. People are different and it is good to accept our differences. I have learnt and continue to learn from people of different religious backgrounds and different races. I feel enriched by my experience of diversity. The fact that I have travelled to many countries and stayed with different people has made me appreciate everyone of us in this world. We each contribute to this Huge Theatre, I call Planet Earth. We are actors, doing the best we can in our roles. I also know that deep and very deep in each and everyone of us, there is a caring and loving person. Even the person you see as real bad! That person is just consumed with FEAR! Whatever he or she is doing, that you see as real bad, it is because he or she is consumed with FEAR and separated from the depth of his or her soul that is the Loving God within.


Go deep within and your soul, not your mind, knows that we are not really different from one another. We are more connected and loving than we think we are. 

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