What Am I Thankful for in 2016?
I am thankful that 2016 supplied me with enough life force and well being in so much that I am still here, writing this. I am thankful for the abundance of air that 2016 supplied to all living beings, including me and my lungs. Every morning I have woken up and the faithful sun has risen and every evening the sun has set without fail. The fact that I did not see the sun on some days, is because of the wonderful clouds or rain that came to me to say ‘Hello’!
I am thankful to the loving friends I have, who continue to touch and enrich my life. I am thankful for the many places I visited and all the new loving people I met in 2016. I am thankful for smiles, hugs and laughter I have shared with children I have come across. I am thankful for a Beautiful Soul called Sally, from Inner Vision, Charlotte, in North Carolina, who took time to create a picture for me. Even though I have yet to receive the picture, I am so humbled, and blessed that this individual, expressed her love from her Inner Being, for me in this way. I Am Blessed!
I am thankful for the red, blue and white orbs showing on the picture, above. It was the first time, in early Spring of 2016 at Kensington Gardens in London, when I saw these orbs on my pictures, and since then I have experienced a lot of them around me. During my walks in my neighbourhood and I have come to a point where I find myself really Loving them or you could say I Am In Love with Them! I have actually asked them to come close to the ground at times, and they have, and I have taken pictures of them. The colours that have been showing up a lot are red, pink, blue and green and sometimes green with clear rings on the body which I have called Rings of Infinite Love.  If you want to have them show up on your photos, take a picture facing the sun, then you can talk to them and ask them to place themselves wherever you choose. They give me great joy. Most IMPORTANTLY though, it is comforting and satisfying for me to have evidence that I Am Never Alone!
About me.... where am I?
Well I am choosing to have easy life in 2017 and beyond! I am choosing to sail effortlessly! I am choosing to have all the wonderful things that I have always wanted and more! Imagination and Feelings are the greatest gifts that we have been given by The Creator. However, we have all kept ourselves prisoners and victims of our own imaginations because of fear. 2017 is here for each and everyone of us to rise above all the limitations that we created in our lives. To let go of everything that no longer serve us. To see ourselves as the FREE Spirits of Joy, Happiness, Laughter, Peace and Harmony! To embrace each other in Love and Togetherness!
For me, the chaos that has shown up worldwide, is a GOOD thing so that I can then look at my inner self  and ask, what part of me contributed to all events that are showing up in the world and how can I be the change that I want to see? Then knowingly choose my thoughts, words and my feelings that serve me and thereby give good to the world instead of blaming, for I am reminded that, when I point a finger of blame, at anyone, the rest of the fingers are gently pointing at me! The change starts With Me and Within Me! All IS Well!
I Am sending you my heartfelt LOVE and I wish you a very Blessed month of January! May You Have a VERY BLESSED Year in 2017! May All your desires manifest, beautifully, easily and effortlessly! 

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