I send you My Love and trust that All Is Well with you and yours.
Dream Your Sweet Dreams....
I feel inspired to share a beautiful song that speaks to me and I think it will speak to you too. I have heard it said many times that The Creator speaks to us in mysterious ways. Well this song speaks to me. When I listen to it, I imagine that Goddess Gaia (Mother Earth) and The Galactic Source (The Creator) are speaking to me. Telling me to enjoy all that is in the world. To enjoy my life. To wake up everyday and be thankful that I am alive! To be eager for each moment and be thankful for each moment that my breath is filling my body with life. To be kind, joyous, respect and accept others. Not to judge or blame. To realise that my presence here on this Planet is for a reason, at this time, and a very good reason. I may not know the reason and it does not really matter, for each and everyone of us, are here for special individual reasons. We are worthy in every way. We are very special. We are beautiful people who are here contributing to the world beautifully. Please, never think that you are not contributing, and never think that the only people who contribute to the WHOLE are those with specific jobs and titles. It IS the collective. We ARE the collective. Imagine, if in public places, there were no cleaners and maintenance people, what would it be like? I thank each and every person on this planet, whether I know them or not, whether I have met them or not, for contributing into my life and living even in ways that I may never even know of. We are each a part of the WHOLE and so I would like to think that we are related Beautiful Souls, getting on with our lives in the best way we know how, dreaming our sweet dreams.
 About me.... where am I?
I am here listening to these words:
Know You are Loved. Rest In Peace.
Dream Your Sweet Dreams till your soul is released.
Know you are loved. Rest in Peace.
Dream Your Sweet Dreams till your soul is released.
Beloved Child My Heart Is Yours
Beloved Child Go Out and Open Doors With Your Love
With Your Faith. With Your Compassion. With Your Grace.... Oh With Your Grace.....
Beloved Child You Are The Light Of the World
Beloved Child Go Out Spread Light to the World
Be Strong. Be Kind. Be Brave.
Know Your Mind. Know that You are Divine
Know that It’s Alright to be afraid
Know that You are Love. Rest In Peace.
Dream Your Sweet Dreams till your soul is released.
Know you are Loved. Rest In Peace.
Dream Your Sweet Dreams till your soul is released........
I say: The term ‘Rest In Peace’ is Good for the living as we rest in peace and have our souls released each time we go to sleep. And Here is the link to this song by Jai Jagdeesh:


I wish you a very Blessed month of December! Have a VERY BLESSED Christmas time. May All your desires manifest, beautifully, easily and effortlessly!

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