All IS Well! So Much Abundance Around Us!
The above picture, for me, is confirmation that we live in a world that is very blessed with natural abundance. Because we are so used to grass, trees, sheep, snow, we may not think that “ALL what I see around, is for my pleasure, for my eye to feast on, for my mind to have a break from concerns, whatever concerns, be they about money or about politics of the world; to just bask in the beauty that is around, in this moment.”
I have come to the conclusion that every country has its own beauty. The Creator blessed us with diversity of abundance. There are countries who have abundance of trees. Others have abundance of open wide spaces. While some have abundance of deserts. Others are flat while some have mountains. There is beauty in all! The Universe knew before we all came here that we have different preferences and choices. And there IS Love and Beauty in all of creation including us all as individuals in this massive Planet, our beautiful Planet Earth.
We are individually abundant and beautiful in many ways than we think and appreciate! AND We are ALL Loved! We are loved by the Invisible Beings that are always around us. Whether you accept this notion that you are never alone or not, it really does not matter. What matters is that here you are, today, right at this moment, breathing and still having your aspirations! That is a gift of abundance, in many varied ways!
About me.... where am I?
Right now I am feeling very blessed to be alive. Writing and sharing my thoughts with you. I am thankful that you continue to read what I write and sometimes you give me feedback on what I have written! I appreciate this very much and I appreciate you.
This week has been filled with wonderful blessings in my family here in and in South Africa. One of my daughters has been shortlisted for The Evening Standard’s Best Actress Award. We are thankful for her nomination! In South Africa, my late brother’s children, have now received the share of His occupational pension. And they have each received LOADS of money, the twelve of them! Bless my brother. I SO appreciate that his kindness and generosity is being appreciated by his many children. Bless Them and Bless Him!
Do you ever feel that you are CARED for? I mean cared for by The Creator or by The Universe? Okay, when you get to the bus stop or train station, you hardly wait because the bus shows up on time, the train shows up on time, or you are approaching traffic lights and they turn green and all the way to your destination, you just keep on driving without stopping at the red lights? You are in alignment with your own desires and creations! The more you feel appreciation, gratitude or thankfulness, the more of these kind of situations happen. Is it not GREAT? This is what I call being CARED for! Abraham-Hicks who teaches The Law of Attraction calls it being in The Vortex or that you are Allowing. Both these are good. However right now, I prefer the word Cared for. It has a deeper meaning for me! It feels like I am being embraced and totally loved, by the Creator, Universe, My Guides, The Angels and ALL Beings of Love and Light!
I am thankful to my grandchildren. They continue to open my heart by just Being. Being who they are and making me laugh. I am thankful to other children I meet on my travels! The other week, at a train station, a young mother and a child of about three and half years old walked towards the bench I was sitting on, and the mother said to her daughter: “Go sit on that bench, there is room for us.” The little girl said,  “I don’t want to sit near that lady (Me).”  The mother said, “it is okay. sit.” Little girl: “I don’t want to sit near that lady.”  Then I had this giggle inside of me and said to the little girl: “Why don’t you want to sit near me? I don’t bite (and by this time I was laughing), I have a grandson who is about your age, so you see, I can be your friend if you want to be my friend.” Then she comes and sits next to me and says: “What is in your bag? Is this your phone? Can I please play with your phone?” Of course I let her play with my phone and we became friends and when we got into the train, she wanted to sit with me. Children are sweet little miniature adults, in my opinion. They are a wonderful blessing!
I wish you a very Blessed month of November! May All your desires manifest, beautifully, easily and effortlessly! 


# Sue Williams 2016-11-22 18:14
Thank you so very much. You always delight me.
Hugs to you.
# Nomanono 2016-12-01 11:57
Thank You Soooo Much Sue!! Much Appreciated!

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