Love exudes from my heart and soul into your being, I am Mother Mary, I come forth with the Divine Mother consciousness, light and love to support humanity and the Earth at this time of Ascension. It is a time of tremendous transformation upon the Earth, some shifts may be subtle and unnoticed, yet they have been long awaited and will create the greatest impact upon the consciousness of humanity. Please value the subtle shifts taking place within the core of your being because they are opening you up to your truth to become a beacon of love. The consciousness of the Earth and humanity is shifting into a greater space of love which is preparing for present and future experiences of Creator love and enlightenment. This is making way for new opportunities for those upon the Earth and the inner planes.

Please read further on-  https://www.omna.org/2016-the-birth-of-love-warrior-souls/

During my recent travels in South Africa, a reminder of my childhood and culture, with a twist!

NomanonoIsaacs-SA These girls were ready to be examined by elders, for purity of their girlhood, or should I say, physical womanness! ​It was a huge gathering of girls all ready and excited to be examined. For them it was a pleasant social outing and declaration to the world that everything about them was intact and they were very proud. However, the twist as far as I was concerned was, on passing the test, they were qualifying for a monetary allowance from the government, so I was told, as an encouragement to stop teenagers becoming young mothers. 

During our time, this was done privately and there were no financial incentives from any authority other than our families wanting to be sure that we were keeping family pride. Ha! Times have changed! Anyway, it was something that brought a smile to my face, and a thought that if there is money for the girls, why not?

About me.... where am I? 

DSC 6806I am thankful to be alive right now, especially in these times that are promising so much for all of us, from the Loving Universe of The Creator. There are moments when I feel that there is so much that I must do, so much behind on what I want to achieve, then at times the hours in a day do not seem enough! Ha! 

Then I remind myself that: All I need do, is one thing at a time and when I have done that and I am happy with what I have done, I should be thankful to me, for those moments and be happy for what I have achieved! 

I am also appreciating nurturing myself in various ways like going for a walk when I feel like it, buying a chocolate bar when I feel like it. And not doing anything that I do not feel like doing, even if it is on my 'things to do list.' Really appreciating myself. 

I am also appreciating making time to meet up with friends! It is such FUN meeting up with someone with whom you have not met for a while, and to find that you have both progressed as individuals and you are appreciating each other even more. Yesterday, I had such a lovely meet up with a friend and it was a meeting filled with love, hilarity and wonderful news of her enormous expansions!

I had these wonderful meet ups during the month of April and they have been wonderful. I have also met up with someone I have known through facebook and have been talking for a long time but having not met physically! It was so lovely to finally meet up with her and she also brought along a friend of hers I did not know, only to find out that she was my friend on facebook, came in for a family gathering from the USA. That was lovely! The world is getting smaller and smaller! Ha! I also enjoyed a wonderful whole body massage from a wonderful friend! I had thoroughly exhausted myself during my travels in South Africa in March. On my return I needed to rest and rest and rest and then I remembered that my friend had the hands that would lovingly put my body together, and this she did with LOVE! I am truly blessed! 

So please, let us not deny ourselves opportunities of catching up with those on our soul journey, for whatever reason! 

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