When I received news of my brother's unexpected passing, on the morning of the 6th of March 2016, something changed in me! I want to share how it was all like for me. I received the news when I was in the Peak District, about thirty minutes to the end of a workshop I was attending. 


NomanonoIsaacs-HilltonTop-PMBurg-SAIt was my brother I never expected to leave this world before me. He was younger than me. I never expected that he would go before me and my other younger brother. Even though I knew very well that none of us are promised a tomorrow, let alone the next hour, when it came to my brother, he would be here for a very long time, so I thought!  


He was the one who held everything together. Who had paid for my trip to South Africa last year and organised a huge feast to celebrate my Mother's and my two sisters' lives who transitioned in 2007 and 2009 respectively. My brother chose to transition to the exact date of that wonderful celebration! It was on the 7th March 2015. He transitioned on 6th March 2016! My brother who had become a millionaire on retiring from the police force, a year earlier than he should have. I am happy that he was able to at least enjoy not having to worry about a cent, in all of 2015!  My brother who was still the same, kind, generous being who emanated peace and calmness. 


For someone who was, since the age of sixteen in the police, having experienced so much in South Africa, including being forced, as all policemen at that time, were forced to work as soldiers on the borders of South Africa and even sent on missions in neighbouring African countries. He was amazingly calm and exuded an energy of peacefulness. My brother who I learnt, when I attended his funeral that while they were meant to be on the border mission, for only three months, he was sent there many times and he found out that it was a way of punishing him, just as my mother was punished in other ways, for my having escaped South Africa. My brother never told me this during the time he was alive! Ha! Bless you my lovely brother and Thank You!


My brother's passing, instead of making me sad and weepy, actually gave me a gift. From the moment of hearing from one of my nieces, the news, that Sunday morning, I felt peaceful and calm all the time. It felt like something or someone had just put an all soothing hug and embrace or energy all around me, telling me that He was physically gone but Spiritually, He was with me.  I had this wonderful, almost palpable inner strength that I felt and I was able to help some people find peace and calmness within, when I got to South Africa. Most people were shocked at his passing! I also remembered, on the train from the Peak District back to London, on that Sunday, that around September of 2015, I had a thought and wondered what I would do, and feel, if I recived news that my brother had died. I had momentarily panicked at the thought! But as I thought just then, in the train, as the moment had arrived, what I had felt in September of 2015, did not matter. It was ALL Well. I was going to search for flights when I got home and travel on the Tuesday 8th March, to Durban, in South Africa. 


I have been happy celebrating his life. Being thankful that he chose to come into my life when he did and to be my brother. He has helped me to understand totally and absolutely, that during all those times in the past when I have cried when relatives transitioned, I cried because I was crying for myself and not for them. I cried because I was never going to hug them ever again. While it was alright to cry for myself, for that physical separation in the past, this time, with my brother it just felt different and I did not need to cry. It all felt, yes, he is gone physically but he has not in an expansive and spiritual way. He IS continuously with me. He is truly just a thought away! 


How did my brother choose to exit? An operation he had many years ago in his stomach, got torn internally. When they performed a corrective surgery, he never recovered from ICU. Oh! Something my brother did on the Saturday before the operation which was on the morning of Sunday 6th March; he asked the hospital to let him go home to speak to his Ancestors! The hospital agreed. He was having difficulty walking but with the help of his partner he did get into the car and drove himself to his home. When they got home, he sat on a settee and spoke very quietly. When he was done, he drove back to the hospital! What a Guy! 


I thank my brother for the gift of peace and calmness that I had during my time in South Africa, and I continue to have. His passing has also been a huge personal gift. It has come at the right time for my spiritual expansion. He has helped me to accept and embrace something I said I was not interested in. Years ago I trained for both healing and mediumship at Lewisham Spiritual Church. I chose healing instead and I was not interested in mediumship. While in South Africa, my mediumship returned and my brother, amongst other beings, came through in a very beautiful and peaceful manner. Yes, I am now accepting and embracing what has always been within me, but had decided it was not for me, when in fact it was and is. 


Now that I am back home, my channelling ability is being fine tuned. Yes, there is a difference between mediumship and channelling. I am not going into that here. I am just very happy that my brother has brought me back to what I did in my past lifetimes, and I must add and emphasise, this is not a gift unique to me! Everyone and anyone who chooses to do this can! 


So I say a very big Thank You my brother! And Thank you for choosing to be one of my Guides, with a specific purpose! Ha! I Love You!


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Thank you and Bless you.

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