Yes! It is time to let go of anger and resentment, and Remember the Joy, Happiness and Love you are.

Each day for 10 days you'll receive an instalment via email where Nomanono will help you discover:
- How to embrace ALL your feelings, completely
- The breathing techniques which will make all the difference
- The power of meditation and how to achieve that stillness even if you have a busy non-stop mind
- Techniques which will instantly lift your mood
- The simple principle which transforms everything

Each instalment is between c5 to c10 minutes long – these are audios delivered in video format. You can listen to each instalment at your leisure, as many times as you wish.


The benefits to you

- Connect with the happiness and joy always within you
- Find peace in every situation
- How to recognise and release resistance
- Raise your vibration to one of happiness and joy
- Completely de-stress your life 

“Nomanono Isaacs' Recipe for Happiness” : £9.00

Monwabisi Malunga's Review!

This book is marvellous, interesting, sad but educating a lot about the then Apartheid era!

Leslie Lewis's Review!

This moving book is a testament to the power of the human spirit, and the strength of one woman's mind in the face of nearly unimaginable challenge. It is an honor to learn how Nomanono was able to overcome the circumstances of her birth, and has created a beautiful life for herself. I feel very inspried

Briar Chatterjea's Review!

Hi Nomanono - It's Briar from India -  Wanted to let you know your book has inspired me to create a dance with our students at School!