I Am Feeling Blessed!

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Beautiful Bloom taken by Nomanono Isaacs in 2013
It has been a very hectic six days but very rewarding! I have spent time playing with my almost two years’ old grandson (on 18th February 2014) as well as having my almost seven years’ old granddaughter (on 30th March 2014)!
Beautiful Bloom taken by Nomanono Isaacs in 2013I have been running around playing and this made me realise that I should up my exercise game! Hahaha! I thought I was very fit but my grandson has just proved me wrong! Bless Him and Bless Me!

On 11th January 2014 I received an amazing gift from my South African friend, Rosa Bruderer! She paid for me to watch a live streaming of Abraham-Hicks workshop from Orlando!! That was just so wonderful! I appreciate You Rosa AND THANK YOU FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL GIFT! And Thank You for offering me your guest home in Knysna! I appreciate this very much! 

I am also Blessed that in February I am having an unexpected holiday in Sunny South Africa… I hope it will be sunny when I get there. I am going to a place I never thought I would be able to go,  courtesy of my granddaughter and her parents, taking me there… as I will be looking after her while her Mama performs at The Fugard Theatre in Cape Town. I am so looking forward to being in close proximity of Table Mountain and being able to take my own pictures…  and never bothering with postcards of this landmark, ever again… Hahahaha!

I am saying Hooray and Thank You Universe! Thank you my Wonderful daughter and Thank You my Beautiful granddaughter for allowing me and gifting me this opportunity!