Nomanono IsaacsBlog

Hello month of April! I have changed and continue to! I was supposed to, according to the older version of me, write this blog on the first day of April. However, I was somewhere else, playing with my Super Consciousness or My Higher Self, and being taught other ways of existing, and therefore, the writing on the first day of the month, did not have room in my mind.

In the Quantum field there is only NOW!

And The NOW moment is the most important. So, when I remembered, I was amused and celebrated the fact that I have truly changed and continue to change. I am pleased with myself. The layers of the old are gently peeling away. The prison that is time, a self made construct that I have lived by, over the years, is being replaced by ease and peacefulness; where I would have freaked out in the past, I do not. I am Thankful.

I am excited that I am learning to embrace the true Me.

My Super Consciousness or Higher Self! I am learning to LOVE All the moments of my life. Every situation that I have lived and experienced, the painful struggles as well as the wonderful joys. The suffering as well as the celebrations. The moments I thought were tragic that have helped me to be here now, where I am learning to be with my Super Consciousness 24/7.

My intention

My intention is to continuously learn in order to be the Master that I was many lifetimes ago, before choosing to come into this lifetime, and choosing to experience difficulties, struggles, suffering and pain. Yes, I chose them all! Why? Because I needed to be here at this time. To resolve some of the issues that were unresolved in some previous lifetimes, and the resolution of these, is happening in this time. Plus to assist with the anchoring of the energies, from the Inner Planes, into the planet, together with many others who are anchors. It is something we chose to do before coming into this world, and I enjoy it greatly. I am thankful that I have great teachers, walking this path with me.

We all live in the Quantum field

Okay, we all live in the Quantum field. However, what I am learning is to be on the side of the Quantum field, where My Higher Self resides with my Soul Group and all the Beacons of Love and Light. Well, I am at kindergarten stage. This excites me because I have my foot in the door, to learn from the BEST. And in time, I will achieve my intentions and my aspirations. And it does not matter how long it takes! I am happy and excited with my journey. Yes there have been times of challenges and there will still be times of challenges because the world of polarity/duality is created in this way. To grow and expand spiritually, we all need the challenges because they assist us to seek something better and let go of that which no longer serves us. I will deal with the challenges, whatever they are, as and when they show up. I am ready for ALL that is ready for Me! Thank You for reading.