Hell No! You Can’t Afford NOT To

Nomanono IsaacsBlog

Enlightenment is not about getting rid of the mind. The process is to love your mind. And as you love your mind, it transforms. 

Love your mind. Love your self. Celebrate who you are. Celebrate even more strongly who you are becoming. ~ Alcazar

With so much noise in my mind and around me, I am learning and committing to consciously changing my thoughts and my mind. 

When I allow myself to send love from my heart to my brain-mind mechanism, it’s my first step to loving my mind. I have to keep doing this in order for change to eventually take place.

Your mind is multi-dimensional…. You have the ability for infinite experiencing. The new realities which will be presenting themselves to you will seem totally impossible until you allow your mind — which has been limited and conditioned to be judgmental — to function as it is designed to be: a multi-dimensional Beingness. 

Yes, your mind is multi-dimensional. You have the ability for infinite experiencing. You have the ability to simply step out of time. 

You have the ability to live for years and years in a split second. You have the ability to re-align this physical body back to perfection. You have these abilities.~Alcazar

I Can Not Afford NOT To Say:

No to fear in all its forms. No to illnesses. No to limitations. No to unworthiness. No to self-punishment. No to self-burdening. No to self-sabotage. No to hating. No to resentment.

No to self-persecution. No to Self-distraction. No to Not deserving. No to lack of money. No to complaining. No to blaming. No to discrimination. No to negative judgements of self and others. No to jealousy. 

No to feeling less than. No to hardships. No to struggles. No to suffering. No to poverty. No to worrying. No to stressing. 

No to Not Trusting in Self, God and The Universe. No to Not Believing in Self, God and The Universe. No to Not Having Faith in Self, God and The Universe.

I Can Not Afford NOT To Say:

Yes to Love. Yes to Light. Yes to Peace. Yes to Vitality. Yes to continuous Health. Yes to Self Love. Yes to Happiness. Yes to Joy. Yes to Excitement. Yes to Vigour. Yes to Youthfulness. Yes to Fitness. Yes To Bliss. 

Yes to Worthiness. Yes to Deserving. Yes to Harmony. Yes to Wealth. Yes to Living in Luxury. Yes to Having Greater Financial Independence. Yes to Trusting. Yes to Believing. Yes to Faith. Yes to Peacefulness.

Yes to Vivacity. Yes to Life Force Energy. Yes to Strength. Yes to Abundance. Yes to Youthfulness. Yes to Freshness. Yes to Radiance and Luminosity.

Yes to Jumping For Joy in your mind or for real… Hahahahaha! Yes To Continuous Excitement And Joy.

Yes to eradicating the energetic pattern of damage and toxins within the cells and tissue of my body allowing God’s Light to nurture.

Yes to my cells effectively repairing and healing quickly and easily.

Yes to being abundant in my ability to accept and receive light and the life force energy from the Creator which creates a constant and natural purification of my cells.