Nomanono IsaacsBlog

It’s been a very long walk. The sun is blazing hot. My feet have blisters. I have to keep on walking. I’m not sure if I’m still in enemy territory.

So I’ll keep on walking until I find a human being that I’ll ask, as well as for something to eat or drink.

In the midst of my Hangriness, I am soothed by the blue sky, the birds flying above and impalas that are dotted around. The vegetation is a mixture of drying grass and some green shrubs, of ‘wag-a-bitjies’.

These are aptly named as the thorns on them, keep stopping me from walking fast. I have to keep untangling myself. ‘Wag a bitjie means Wait a bit.’

To get myself out of the Hangry mood, I start singing all songs that I have ever heard in my local village. Songs of upliftment.

As I sing, I find myself picking up pace and energised. I remember the stories that were very funny too, that accompanied these songs, when I first heard them.

Wow! I really don’t feel Hangry right now. I am feeling invigorated and happy. I have all the strength in my body. My legs keep on carrying me.

Oh I embrace you Hangriness

I embrace this road

I embrace the sun blazing hot

I embrace my sweat

I embrace the wag-a-bitjie shrubs

I embrace you Hangriness for you have inspired me

To remember that my mind is so powerful

That I can rise above you

That I can walk like someone who has just had lunch

Oh I embrace you Hangriness for you have just given me strength

That forgives you and myself. For I know that at the right time

All will be well, I just have to get over that hill in a distance

I appreciate you Hangriness for I no longer feel Hangry

For I am embracing my life, in its totality.

The hardships, the struggles, the limitations, the blockages, the fears

The hungers, the anger, the ALL!

Oh I embrace you and thank you Hangriness

For my blistered feet have a life of their own

While they are bleeding as well as blistered

They are inspired too, to keep on walking

For, over there IS freedom.

Hangriness, it’ll all be alright. Let us just keep

Singing and laughing, remembering all funny songs and stories

Hangriness, you are now a shadow of yourself

For in this moment, I have vitality, I am happy and joyful

That you are no longer with me, but enthused and excited that

I’ll soon be there. I can see, not too far now, some villages

Hey, I am sure I’ll find comfort soon, for these villages are

Bound to have someone with a heart of gold, an earth angel.

I am very aware that we each create our own lives in each and

Every moment. If someone asks me why I am in this situation

Right now, I’ll tell them, it is because of curiosity and adventure

And I’ll joyfully sing the folk songs that have given me strength

And tell them that ‘Hangriness’ is my salvation. For, because of it

I choose something different that serves me.

Hangriness was only making me feel sorry for myself at the beginning

and bringing my spirits down on this long journey, and I say:

No! I’ll keep on walking. I’ll keep on imagining

The very best for me. I’ll keep on creating a path that serves

Me at every turn. I’ll never succumb to you Hangriness. Instead

I’ll dance with you and laugh with you, hug and accept you.

Thank you HANGRINESS. Where did you go? I’m sure you are

Happy where you are!

I’m getting closer and closer to the village now,

And I am excited and happy because someone is going to give me something to eat and water to drink.