Feeling Appreciation - Not Thinking Appreciation

Nomanono IsaacsBlog


or the past two weeks I have chosen to be aware of what I’m feeling about everything that is around me. My intention is to feel deep appreciation. To truly feel, not to just think: ‘Oh I’m thankful for that. Or I appreciate that.’

Why do I feel a need to do this? It’s because:

a) Appreciation, in my experience, has helped me raise my vibrations quicker.

b) I rather be happy than not.

c) By focusing on raising my vibrations, I’m also helping the Human Collective, because we are SO connected. We are individuals going about our daily lives, but on a higher level of our Creation, we are intricately and beautifully ONE. Whether we believe this or not.

d) Once the Human Collective is elevated, we will have a New Earth that is Loving, Peaceful, in UNITY and ONENESS. It will not happen overnight.

e) In my personal view, a lot of people are currently being killed by FEAR more than the Corona Virus. When one fears something, one attracts the very thing that they fear. That’s THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

f) I must CHANGE! Changing me, to be the best of me that I can be and more. This will not happen during the 90 days challenge, however, it is a starting point.

My focus on deeply FEELING appreciation is my starting point, to my dream and desire of a world that is at peace and everyone is at peace within themselves. 

A New Earth/World that is not based on FEAR. Hate, anger, resentment, unworthiness, victimisation and control, are all aspects of FEAR.

So, how is this working out for me? I’m laughing because this very question feels me with happiness and laughter. I’m excited about this 90-days challenge! Would you like to join me? That will be great for our planet.

I have become friends with my Super Consciousness — my Soul, my Higher Self, whatever you call the TRUE You, within. I call MINE, ‘My Super Consciousness.’

I call on my Super Consciousness to assist me feel the deep appreciation of whatever I choose. I start laughing! This is the way I feel appreciation. When I ask to go deeper, I then get myself into stitches of laughter. I feel joyful, happy and I have so much FUN.

Just because my Super Consciousness makes me laugh as a way to feel deep appreciation, it doesn’t mean that you will laugh when you connect with your own Super Consciousness. Yours may be an opening of your heart. You may feel deep love feelings within your heart that you have never experienced before.

You may feel your whole body filled with goose-bumps that are massaging your whole body and being with Love.

You may feel tears of appreciation welling up and running down your cheeks. Tears of joy!

I have fun with My Super Consciousness because, IT is My Expansive, Vast Me that is the ME, that never dies! When I croak in this lifetime, it will come back again to Earth or choose to go to back to the The Star Systems, in a different expression. 

Perhaps if I come back to Earth, I will be a male of a different race. Or I may return as a Black male. 

I am finding that I am thankful for everything that shows up. The good, and the not so good. ALL. I am truly understanding that I cannot say; I like that, and I don’t like that, without appreciating the moment of awareness. 

During this time, I’m also doing the process for Self-Love that I do daily. I say out loud: “I Love You.” This is to my whole body and all the cells of my body in order for them to hear me.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and say “I Love You,” looking into my eyes.

I take any opportunity I have, to “Thank myself.” Sometimes it is easier to feel appreciation for others than self. I am choosing to include myself in feeling, NOT thinking Appreciation, at every chance I have.

Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.