DROP INTO YOUR HEART! What Does This Mean To You?

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20160318 062227I don’t know about you, this, for me has taken a very long time to click, to totally understand what it is. While I heard theories, that dropping into my heart meant that connecting with my heart on a moment to moment basis, would help me in many ways, I did not know how to put this into practice. It was frustrating, to say the list to hear or read articles referring to dropping into the heart or reading about heart coherence. All of this became something that seemed beyond me and I felt like I was never going to know how to do it and that perhaps it was not for me.


There was also, in me, I suppose, the old knowledge of what I was taught that the heart’s function was to pump and distribute blood in our bodies. Dropping into my heart did not mean much other than frustrate me. Then, as it is the case, when things that we resist, persist or in my case it seemed like my heart desired me to know that it is more than just a blood pumping organ; I kept seeing articles, listening to audios and videos that were talking about the heart being a third brain. That in fact it holds more Spiritual knowing of our bodies, more than what we have known as our brain. Then I became obsessed! I wanted to find a key into ‘dropping’ into my heart. I had by now come to accept that my heart was a very powerful organ in my body, and yet the ‘dropping into my heart’ bit, was still illusive.


As they say, when a student is ready, a teacher will show up. One night I listened to an audio that still talked about dropping into my heart and heart coherence. As I listened, there was no definite instructions of how to drop into my heart, other than the speaker saying: ‘Drop Into Your Heart. This Is Where GOD Is. There Is No pain or mental suffering, when you drop Into Your Heart. FEAR does not exist in your heart!’


Right at that moment, a shift within me happened. I became the Instructor to Myself! I knew, clearly without a shadow of doubt, what I needed to do, for me. And I was in Bliss!


I am sure some of you have never had a problem with understanding this issue. However, for those of you who have had issues of not understanding what to do, like me, I will share with you what I did and continue to do. ALL I knew to do, at that moment, was to visualise me sitting in the centre of my chest. Why my chest? Because the chest area is The Heart Chakra, and besides, the whole thing happened very fast and easily. It brought so much JOY into my whole being. Now, I do this all the time I am faced with a situation I do not like or don’t really know how to deal with. I find peace seeing me within my Heart Chakra. Every morning when I first wake up, I drop into my heart! I hope this will help you too, in finding solace at times when you need it.


I wish you the Very Best of July! Continue to enjoy the sunshine. For those of you who are experiencing winter, keep warm physically, and within. Let your heart make you smile! May Your creations of your heart’s desires, manifest Beautifully!