Do You Know of “The Law of Attraction?” I Am Here To Teach YOU!

Nomanono IsaacsTeaching of The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is a law of the universe. It has always been around and will always be around, through all of creation. During our current lifetime or the next and the next. It is a law that whether you are aware of it or not, is perpetually around you, helping you create your life.

You may wonder how this works. The key is in the word ‘attraction.’ Why have I chosen to teach this law? It is because I did not know anything about it until one of my daughters introduced me to it. I also got a shock when I was made aware that whatever my life looked like, felt like, I had created it all!

Sometimes we go through life, feeling all the emotions that we feel, and encountering situations that we do not like and we would never consciously choose. But because we are blind or not aware that there are GOD’s or Universal Creative Energies that we are not aware of, which are constantly at play, whether we are aware of them or not, our lives are created by our energies in conjunction with the Law of Attraction.

Now that I understand how the Law of Attraction works, I choose to assist you to understand it in order to create a life that you desire. I will not create your life but you will create it yourself, with your choice of course, whether to keep in mind, how the Law of Attraction is continuously assisting you to create the CURRENT life you have, or you are happy living a life that is far below your desires and expectations. A life filled with many fears.

Whether it is the life you are happy with, or not, You Have certainly created it assisted by The Law of Attraction!

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