Do I really create my own reality? YES!

Nomanono IsaacsBlog

For my personal perspective, I have lived in fear for a very long time. Fearing that there is not enough money to pay for this or for that. Fearing that  I may not look good enough for  that job. That I may not be what they are looking for. That there is not enough money for that holiday. That I did not have enough for my children to have this and that when they were growing up. Fearing what might happen tomorrow! Wow!! I was so fearful  I tell you! By fearing so many things and what  tomorrow may not have or have, I created patterns in my life that were all about  lack even though at the time I did not realise what I was creating through my thoughts and fear!
However, when I was introduced to the teachings of The Law of Attraction, I became very excited for this came at a time when I really wanted something for my personal development. The thing I was not prepared to hear though, was that I create my own reality, basically meaning that I am totally responsible for everything that happens to me in my life. What about God! Surely God is responsible for my life? And the governments and everybody in authority? Yes?

Oh No! That was a long and painful realisation that whatever situation I have encountered in my life, I either chose it before coming into this world as a new born baby or I was part of a collective creating consciousness, meaning what the masses desired I became part of that and so created whatever came up into my reality! What about the teachers, priests, missionaries, politicians, could I not blame them for my misfortunes as an individual?  

Well, I suppose I could blame whoever I choose as long as I am aware that blame does not enhance my life and living, but instead it keeps me where I do not want to be, where I keep on repeating the patterns that I do not like and will lead me to more blame that this and that is not working for me! What is good about the Universe based on the Law of Attraction is that it does not discriminate. It just keeps on bringing whatever we are calling forth. Whether or not we are aware of what we are doing or have attracted, we get it.

I have come to a point now where I am aware, moment by moment of how I am feeling and thinking. I therefore change my thoughts in order to change the way I feel. It is very important to me that I feel happy and feel good!  When I am happy and feeling good, my whole body lights up and good situations and things show up in my reality. And the more I feel happy, the more good things come into my life.