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I chose, once upon a time, to buy a detached house, in a very affluent part of West Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. I fell in love with the house on my first viewing. 

I had travelled with my younger daughter, who is usually keen on sensing and feeling energies of places. So, she was my guarantee on whether the house I chose to buy, was the right one or not.

And it felt very easy to just say thank you, no, this is not for us, on the three houses that we viewed that morning. 

The thing is, I had to find a house that I would be relocating to, from Suffolk to West Yorkshire. I wasn’t going to have another time to drive up North for just house viewing. My final drive up there, would have to be for my moving in!

8 Ketrel Drive, was the last viewing on our list. As we drove up to the house, my stomach filled with butterflies of excitement. We both looked at each other and smiled. 

And I wished that no one had put an offer, during the time we were viewing the other houses.

Even just driving up to the area of Sandal, which I had never heard of until the house search, online, felt different. The area was really beautiful, with ruins of Sandal Castle at not so far, a distance ahead of us.

The owners of that house seemed to have decorated it and laid it out in every perfect way, for me and my daughter, who was going to be living with me while she attended Jacob Kramer College of Art, now known as Leeds Arts University, in Leeds.

There was and still is Newmillerdam lake, adjacent to the village, behind the Sandal area of Wakefield, where 8 Kestrel Drive was. 

The kitchen, sitting room, dining room, landscaped garden with a waterfall, were just what we needed. Everything felt just right for us at that moment. And the smile on my daughter’s face was the answer, without asking her what she thought!

When I looked at her, we both laughed and I had to let the owners into the secret. They were pleased. This was my third house to purchase in the UK. 

It felt great for our family of three! My older daughter had already moved to London, in pursuit of her dreams in Acting.

It was such fun moving into that house. I was moving from the comfort of 72 Lupin Road, in Ipswich, Suffolk, into the comfort of 8 Kestrel Drive in Sandal. 

It felt and seemed that the Heavens were showering me with all my wishes and desires. I had finally made it, it felt! Hahaha! Here I was, having had a lovely, spacious three-bedroom house that I shared with my two daughters, and had done it on my own with my determination.

You see, I was so determined that mine and my daughters’ lives would not be boxed and labelled ‘one parent family’ as was the case, and it still is, that one parent families do not raise normal children…. 

So, I set out with the intention that my daughters were going to be as successful as they chose and wished, with my support, indirectly and directly. 

Even though their choices of professions were in Creativity and Entertainment, which was not easy to get into.

They made it! And for me as their mother, I feel the comfort and satisfaction that those two daughters, who once were ‘child asylum seekers’ are happy, comfortable women on their own rights, because of my determination and intention. 

Of course, their own intentions too. We have created a ‘comfort team of three, turned to a comfort team of five.’

Thank you word ‘comfort’ for you just brought me back memories I had forgotten.