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I am excited that you are here 2020. There was a time that I never even imagined you in my presence, still breathing here on earth. You seemed so far away and almost non-existent in my world. That was when I was a teenager. Ha! What fun are we going to have? I hear you say to me: “ALL THE … Read More

The Journey. My Journey, Thank YOU!

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Wow! Hello December 2019! Thank you for being here. I am thankful that I am here, breathing and very alive. October 2019, thank you for many challenges. November 2019, thank you for ease. Both October and November, came and went without a blog from me. Thank you for the experiences and challenges which I faced because now I am ready … Read More

MIRACLES! UBUNTU! ‘I Am Because We Are!’

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What are miracles to you? Do they have to be physical stuff? To me they are diverse and very interesting. What I am learning is to be open and to expect miracles to come in whatever form and in all ways. What is for me to do then, is to remain open to recognising them. They are subtle at times … Read More

Review of Escaping Apartheid-A Letter To My Mother

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Pauline Collins 2019 The magic of Nomanono’s Book “Escaping Apartheid – A Letter to My Mother” is that it clothes a general knowledge of the time in South Arica when the Apartheid system and land relocations were taking place under colonial rule in intense personal history and detail. The struggles and tragedies of individual black people, families, villages, townships come … Read More

Ascending A Mountaneous Journey That Is LIFE!

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Mountains always look majestic, ancient, beautiful, and powerful, in my view. When I was a child I used to wish I could see what was on top of each mountain that I saw. As an adult, I like mountains and there is something very special in all of them. They are different and special as far as I am concerned. … Read More

July, Thank You! Everything Always Works Out Well For Me!

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I am thankful that where I am, it is sunny with clear beautiful skies. Thank you July for bringing me this sunshine, at this moment. What do I envisage you have for me? All the goodies that I am looking forward to enjoying. Primarily the wonderful expansion of love, joy, bliss, peace and harmony within me. You see, July, it … Read More

The NOW!

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Every now moment in my experience has gone and time keeps moving forward. It is no longer a sunny day but night time. The conflict I have in my mind is that I am told time as I know it, is an Earth construct. I am told that in the Quantum field, where everything is, GOD, The Angels, Ascended Masters … Read More


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Beloved one, I am here with you. Eager to engage with you on your journey. I am Archangel Gabriel. You are a splendid seeker. You are a very ancient soul. You have been in the Universes of The Creator, long before planet Earth was created. Yes you were in the Star Systems. You are truly ancient, my beloved. Your soul … Read More


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Hello month of April! I have changed and continue to! I was supposed to, according to the older version of me, write this blog on the first day of April. However, I was somewhere else, playing with my Super Consciousness or My Higher Self, and being taught other ways of existing, and therefore, the writing on the first day of … Read More