Wow! What An Evening!

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I am really pleased with the way things turned out in my favour this evening. You see, Sundays I attend an evening class at Birkbeck College, with the Joomla Club. In Joomla Club I am learning to create my website. My intention when I left home was to come back from class having found a contact form that would have … Read More

What Am I Thankful For Right Now?

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Wow!! Where do I start? I am so thankful for having woken up alive, breathing and healthy. I am thankful for all the friends I interacted with on Facebook! Their wonderful feedback after listening to my poem called Never Succumb. I am appreciative right now of all the lovely people in my life. I am thankful for Facebook for having … Read More

Thank You Universe For The Gifts

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Thank you Universe for the the gifts that I have received from You via people I know and those who just came into my life because of others, You Universe,  allowed to show up in my world! There are so many things that I am appreciative of right now. For example: my car has gone to have its gearbox fixed … Read More

What I learnt during the first week in 2014!

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From Sunday 5th January 2014 I have learnt stuff that I thought I could never ever be able to learn and do! I am so proud of me right now because on the first day after attending the Joomla Club, at Birkbeck College, in London, where I was taught the basics of building my own website, a class that lasted for … Read More


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HOW TO CREATE HAPPINESS AND PEACE IN THE WORLD 17-07-16 on Radio 98.8FM with Risaria Langley. Release Fear! Celebrate Love! TALK To Your Guides, by Master Serapis Bey, channelled by Nomanono Isaacs on 01/05/16 Chaos and Conflict Will End – by Master Joshua – Dr Joshua David Stone – Channelled by Nomanono Isaacs on 24/04/16      How To Be … Read More

Signed Books

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Purchase your personally Signed copy of Escaping Apartheid: A Letter to My Mother. For the additional price of shipping, Nomanono will sign your book personally. What To Do 1.  Click on the PayPal link of your region to purchase the book 2.  “Signed For” shipping costs are already shown per region 3.  You will receive a confirmation of purchase email … Read More

About the Author

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Nomanono Isaacs at Horniman Gardens in 2012

   Dear Friend   Over the years I have scribbled poetry to myself and for myself as a way of releasing. I enjoy putting my thoughts on paper even though I do not do this all the time! I also like doodling, I even have a picture of doodles I am so proud of, hanging in my living room!  I was … Read More