Where It All Is

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The Void — A Poem Where IT ALL IS.Where ALL Is.ALL Begins.ALL Ends. Yet continuing to pulsate,Angels Singing,Ancestors happy expanding;Growing. Where Humanity’s creations happen,On a daily basis;Moment by moment,Thriving or Not. Where my joys And miseriesAre processedAnd decisions made Based on my thoughts,And feelings.What manifestationsI have created. Where the rhythm of creation continues,In every nano second.In the Beyond.In the Quantum Field. Where ALL, IT … Read More

The One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life

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THE SOPHIA CODE — A POEM This poem is based on the book: The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra. Immaculate BeautyImmaculate GraceImmaculate GeometriesImmaculate Space For the Glory of Sophia A Dazzling Light charged into Kaia Ra’s humble homeIt was on a snowy December night in 2009 Kaia Ra’s room had only the light of SophiaShe had to ask for the light to be … Read More

Powerful and Amazing Resources You May Wish To Use

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Affirming, telling your cellular structure what you are creating is magic If you have not done this yet, when you first wake up in your morning, perhaps you will start, out of curiosity, and see where it takes you. AFFIRMATIONS Affirmations work best when they are said out loud, to yourself. Sometimes standing in front of a mirror. The reason for … Read More

A Solution is Joy, Happiness And Appreciation

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A Solution is joy, happiness and appreciation — for awakening to Your Creator This is a channelling by Archangel Michael, through me, Nomanono Isaacs on 25th July 2020: “Greetings, Greetings, Beloveds. I come with my Love. The Love of the Angelic Kingdom. The Energy Love of the Creator. I embrace you in my Love. Breathe in my Love and know that I’m always … Read More

Powerful Amazing Love Flows Through You

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Channelled by Master Yeshua, Master Jesus, Master Sananda, The Christ Consciousness; Through Nomanono Isaacs 24/07/20 In the silence of the nightWith stars and moon aboveIn the stillness of LoveHeavens around you;Showers of Love over you You are in deep sleep and unawareAnd that is perfectly alrightFor you are not meant to knowWhat the Heavens are up toIn your innocence and … Read More

How To Make Yourself Happy Through Laughter With 9 Words

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Do you have words that are your triggers to laughter? Words that just send you into uncontrollable laughter? YES I DO!  WHY IS LAUGHTER IMPORTANT? Here are the benefits of laughter and why you should laugh more: According to wwwdothelpguidedotorg, the Health Benefits to Laughter are: Soothes tension Improves your immune system Relieves pain Connects with people and deal with … Read More

What Are You Appreciating Right Now?

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What are you thankful for in this moment? Are you thankful for your life and being alive? Are you happy that you have a roof above you, that you call home? Are you grateful for your comfortable bed linen? Have you said thank you to your comfortable bed and linen? How do you feel about your neighbours? Are they lovely … Read More

Your Heights Of Enlightenment – by The Arcturians

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Channeled by Natalie Glasson In this moment, I’m choosing to share a message from the Arcturians. Channeled through Natalie Glasson of Omnadotorg.  Greetings. Greetings to you all. We are The Arcturians. We bring forth our Love. Our Joy and our Truth. We are known as Star Beings. We are known for our High Vibrational Technology, that supports and expresses the … Read More

Love Your Body And Listen

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How often do you subject your body to endless chores? Not giving it time to rest? Perhaps consider telling it ‘I LOVE YOU!’  Consider telling it like the romantic loverThat you adore so muchThat you are forever telling ‘I LOVE YOU!’ Turn the tables and tell your bodyAll the sweet nothings that are reservedFor your beloved that ‘I LOVE YOU!’ AND: My … Read More

Appreciation Of The Old In The Now

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When I was twenty-one, I was the happiest and proud young conductor in a ‘National Level Schools Music Competition,’ in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). It was the best time, that even as I write now, I feel the joy and the happiness I felt then. That was at Manzini City. I had been selected to conduct a choir that I had … Read More