Things Always Work Out!

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Every Moment Is Beautifully filled with Wonder! I appreciate this moment as I look forward to what the radio show is going to be like today. You see, it is my first time ever in a radio show. I am excited that I will meet the beautiful host I have seen on the Internet. She has an energy that is … Read More

Do I really create my own reality? YES!

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For my personal perspective, I have lived in fear for a very long time. Fearing that there is not enough money to pay for this or for that. Fearing that  I may not look good enough for  that job. That I may not be what they are looking for. That there is not enough money for that holiday. That I … Read More

I Am Feeling Blessed!

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Beautiful Bloom taken by Nomanono Isaacs in 2013

It has been a very hectic six days but very rewarding! I have spent time playing with my almost two years’ old grandson (on 18th February 2014) as well as having my almost seven years’ old granddaughter (on 30th March 2014)! I have been running around playing and this made me realise that I should up my exercise game! Hahaha! … Read More

Is There A Measure to Giving or Receiving?

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Agadir Morocco

‘You have to learn to receive and accept the gift and opportunity you have right now!’ This is whast I wrote on my facebook page. A lovely friend wrote: Lots of thanks for receiving the generosity of the universe and for all the gifts in one’s life, that’s lovely. But my sincere question with all this receiving is should one expect … Read More

Thank You 2013 for Agadir in Morocco and The Caribbean Cruise!

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Agadir 2013

For me 2013 was a very good year with amazing experiences. On Monday the 18th of February, on my way to my local shops, I received a telephone call from a friend saying, ‘would you like to come with me to Morocco on Thursday 21st?’ Of course I said, Yes! Where in Morocco? She said, ‘I will get back to you … Read More

Wow! What An Evening!

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I am really pleased with the way things turned out in my favour this evening. You see, Sundays I attend an evening class at Birkbeck College, with the Joomla Club. In Joomla Club I am learning to create my website. My intention when I left home was to come back from class having found a contact form that would have … Read More

What Am I Thankful For Right Now?

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Wow!! Where do I start? I am so thankful for having woken up alive, breathing and healthy. I am thankful for all the friends I interacted with on Facebook! Their wonderful feedback after listening to my poem called Never Succumb. I am appreciative right now of all the lovely people in my life. I am thankful for Facebook for having … Read More

Thank You Universe For The Gifts

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Thank you Universe for the the gifts that I have received from You via people I know and those who just came into my life because of others, You Universe,  allowed to show up in my world! There are so many things that I am appreciative of right now. For example: my car has gone to have its gearbox fixed … Read More

What I learnt during the first week in 2014!

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From Sunday 5th January 2014 I have learnt stuff that I thought I could never ever be able to learn and do! I am so proud of me right now because on the first day after attending the Joomla Club, at Birkbeck College, in London, where I was taught the basics of building my own website, a class that lasted for … Read More