Best Of The Best I See

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I stand and look around me

A vast land covered in nature’s beautiful wild flowers

I vaguely know their names but it really doesn’t matter

A slight breeze brushes my cheeks and I feel alive

I’m happy to be here, in this moment

I sit on a rock and watch impalas grazing peacefully

The sustenance they so require for their daily needs

I watch and I feel deep in my soul

A feeling so wonderful

That truly connects me to ALL

And my whole body is in great appreciation

Touching nature

Watching nature

Touching My Spirit

With The Universe’s Creation

But then they start to gather momentum — down the valley

Running in different directions

On the sound of a flying machine

Approaching the grazing fields

Peace and Harmony are no more

Oh! Why? Why has peace been broken

By man made machines?

If only they could just leave

Everything be — still and serene

Animals grazing leisurely as they should

It is time for me to depart

Thinking of little lambs closer home

Playfully running around their mothers

Feeling for breasts to feed from

As they are all instinctively heading home

The sounds of birds around

The sounds of crickets too

The sounds of frogs at sunset

And I watch the sunset with pleasure

The lovely sun rays

Colours of golden orange

Touching everything around

This land, so beautifully

And the shadows from the hills around

Summoning every creature 

For the end of day is here

For resting and waiting

The morrow brings, a new day

Another perspective

A celebration in The Universe’s lovely world

Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.