Ascending A Mountaneous Journey That Is LIFE!

Nomanono IsaacsBlog

Mountains always look majestic, ancient, beautiful, and powerful, in my view. When I was a child I used to wish I could see what was on top of each mountain that I saw. As an adult, I like mountains and there is something very special in all of them. They are different and special as far as I am concerned.

I am no mountain climber, but metaphorically, I have climbed many mountains in my life. They have been varied in structure and the way they presented themselves to me. Some of them were flat topped, like the famous Table Mountain of South Africa. While others have been very, very steep and needed grit and courage on my part, to reach the summit. Yes, I have reached many summits. And is seems to me, this is a rhythm of life in general. Sometimes the journey to the top of the mountain is filled with obstacles and moments of feeling like giving up.

But please, Keep Going! No matter how hard it seems and feels. No matter who you meet along the way. There will be moments of a smile, laughter, satisfaction or a huge pain and painful memories. Yes, once they are memories, please leave them behind and strive for your summit, that you will conquer. You have already conquered many mountains and reached many summits, and because on the other side of each summit or mountain top, there’s always a valley, so Keep Going!

This is what we all keep doing in our special and unique ways. We are warriors who are very powerful. Each and everyone of us have faced obstacles and overcame them. When a moment feels like it is too much to cope with, know that you will always find a way to overcome. One step at a time. When overwhelm shows up, stop and go for a walk on the flat surface, forget for a moment the distant mountain top that you are aiming for. Deal with the immediate overwhelm, release it and get your bearings, rest, forget and just be. And do the best you can at any given moment.

Do not blame or beat yourself up for anything. Yes, genuinely apologise for any misjudgements of situations that you find yourself in. The decisions you have made from misinformation that was not properly researched, or had your questions asked and answered, but you based your decisions on ‘reacting’ without truly knowing or hearing what the other person had to say about the query you had in your thoughts. Forgive yourself too. Apologise with all your heart and soul to your Beloved and never assume again, about anything and judge without first asking.

Then focus again , on that beautiful mountain top. And the valley on the other side may be a beautiful lush greenery, flowers and forests in abundance for your comfort and pleasure. A joy to behold and a place of peace, and abundance on all levels of your life and a feeling that you have truly reached the summit and climbed down to a paradise, filled with Love, Peace and Bliss.

Life is filled with ups and downs. Mountains and valleys. How are you aiming to ascend your mountain now? Are you focussing on an easy climb to the top and doing everything in your ability to have an easy climb, with a smile, a laugh here and there. A hug and appreciation of the wonderful beautiful creations that are all around us. Of course, our ascents always depend on our choices and intentions. AND Intentions need Attentions!

Thank you for reading. Have a very blessed Month of August 2019.