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Have you experienced trying times over the past few months, say at least the past three years, when everything seemed to be challenging? When you seemed to be encountering obstacles in many areas of your life? When your health was affected? When relationships crumbled suddenly at a time when you thought things were really going well? When you felt so alone and not supported? When people you thought were your friends, betrayed you and you went in separate directions? When you experienced deaths of family members, you never thought would go so early?


IMG 20170407 135736COPYNomanonoIsaacsWell, hang in there. There is a good reason for all these challenges. There is a bigger picture unfolding. It may seem very unfair that you have had to go through so much, and may I ask you, who said changes have to be smooth without challenges? Have you come to some decisions about what you really want to experience in your life and how do you feel about the new decisions you have made about your future now?


Do you think that the challenges you have experienced have helped you come to this realisation of what you truly desire in your reality? The relationships that fell apart, didn’t they open your heart and mind to knowing what you truly want to experience?


If your romantic loving relationship, fell apart, don’t you feel that it was the best thing that the Universe did for you? Even though you hurt at the time, haven’t you realised that it was bound to fail at some point anyway and that for it happening when it did, was the right thing? Have you realised that the love you extended to the other person, should have been the love you extended to yourself, first and foremost?


Through challenges we grow and expand, if we choose to. It is always our choice to either let the situations we are facing, swallow us up and remain dwelling and reminiscing about the hardships, pains, hurts, which then add more pain, frustration and even ill health in our lives. On the other hand, we can choose to see all these things as blessings in our lives and be very thankful that they actually happened. In everything that we encounter, there is always a bigger plan, a bigger picture unfolding. And when we look back, there is always a blessing. What we see as a tragedy at the time, years later, we may recognise something good that came out of what was in our view a tragedy.


Will it make you feel better if I told you that you are not on your own and there are many people going through various challenges. It is part of the changing energies of our beautiful planet. There is more good in store for all of us. We have lived for centuries with old energies, mainly of fear and of being controlled by various people, government regimes, institutions and or organisations adding more fear into our lives. Fear that became part and parcel of our cellular structures and we did not even realise that we embodied fear. The new energies are here to replace the old energies. It is not going to happen overnight but the process is already started and it is never going back. We are all being helped whether we are aware of this or not. And the changes include our individual Akashic records. The illusions we have lived by and with for many lifetimes, thinking that our thoughts are right, when in fact we have been acting on illusions, are all being dismantled. It is time for all of humanity to be Liberated from living and operating on past lifetimes energies. 


What our habit has been is that when something we view as negative and we did not expect, suddenly shows up in our lives, we immediately and automatically go into FEAR! We may tell ourselves that we are not fearful and yet, deep in our psyche, there is an embedded fear that reacts to the challenges we face. Until fear is totally eradicated in our makeup, letting go of the old ways of living and embracing and trusting the Universe that in the end, it will all be for our good, we will continue to primarily react with fear. I am hopeful and it is my desire that we will on the whole, be receptive to the new Universal energies that are continually being anchored so that we gently and easily let go of fears in our daily lives and embrace Supreme Love of the Creator. 


Our bodies are changing, restructuring, regenerating and rejuvenating. Even if you have not noticed this and thought your body was about to collapse, just hang in there, and know that there is a bigger plan from the Heavens and Mother Earth. We are dearly loved. We are being helped to change physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, even if you have not noticed yet. There is a lot that is being done without many of us being aware.


There is more LOVE from the Star Systems, Angelic Kingdom, The Creator, Mother Earth, Ascended Masters and more Beings of Love and Light that is being poured into our planet. All Is Well. So, please hang in there for New Beginnings And Beauty, Beyond Your Wildest Imaginations!