Are You Grateful For Everything?

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Allowing Gratitude for Everything

What Alcazar says:

Allowing Gratitude for Everything

Gratitude, when you really align with it, is a way of being, a way of experiencing everything. It is a natural state. Everything that occurs in your life is filled with incredible gratitude for the highs and for the lows, for the lows are teaching experiences. 

The highs are the celebration of the learning that you have experienced in those various teaching situations. There is an incredible appreciation and below that, a deep beingness with this gratitude.

And so, we wish to move from liking right down, into the depths of gratitude. If you can start to allow the understanding that gratitude is a state of being, not necessarily attached to a particular situation or person, then gratitude becomes a total openness, a total receptivity, a place where you are not preventing anything that existence wants to give you. 

In that place of gratitude, you are open to receive all that your moment to moment vibration is creating for you. And because that energetic of gratitude is an openness, an accepting of everything, then your natural day by day, moment by moment vibration attracts into your life beautiful things, beautiful people, magical experiences, connections to other realities, connections to your Superconsciousness. ~Alcazar

Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.