Nomanono IsaacsBlog

I was sitting in the Bromley gardens, after hugging my favourite tree, basically minding my own business, day dreaming, when walked up to me, a young man, with a huge smile on his face and with a happy aura.

I looked at him and I automatically smiled, drawn to him by the energy of his wellness and vitality. He introduced himself as Simon.

He pulled out a leaflet from a pad he was holding, and handed it over to me. The leaflet had his face surrounded by a lot of faces of people of different ages.

He told me that he was a fitness specialist and he specialised on getting people to move their bodies in whichever way they chose, with the intention to remain healthy and fit.

It didn’t matter what anyone chose as the activity, because he would help them along with that activity.

He was a personal trainer. He had trained as a gymnast, a boxer, an athlete, a swimmer, a hockey player, and he was both a short and long-distance runner.

He started telling me about the time he ran and trained with the well-known Kenyan runners and had found their stamina and endurance too much for him at first.

But because his trainer saw in him, something that he hadn’t known, he persevered until one day, as they were, getting ready on their marks, just before the whistle went on for them to go… something snapped in him.

He saw himself running faster than any of them. Then when the whistle went, he was more than ready to beat them at their own game.

He felt like he had the energy of a gazelle, a lion, an impala, it didn’t matter, all the energies of these wild animals, running in the wild were in his spirit.

That’s what it felt like to him. He was a new person. Energised by the frequencies that perhaps his trainer had known, existed within him.

He didn’t know what had happened. And that was his transformational day. The fastest men in Kenya had been beaten at last. 

He was overjoyed when they all came to him, and lifted him up, carrying him in the air, with jubilation.

From that moment on, he was determined to be the best personal trainer there was because he had realised that he could do any sport he chose, and help others in the process.

He liked any activity that helped propel a body to wellness, vigour, vitality, freshness, joy, happiness and more.

It was very uplifting listening to Simon. His enthusiasm was infectious. I asked him if he had been involved in competitions. Yes, he had and had trophies at home.

He then said, “it is not the winning in competitions and not the trophies that I have amassed that inspire me and keep me smiling, it is the transformation that I witness from people who never thought that they could exercise, keep fit and change their lifestyles, that gives me the greatest joy and inspiration, every-day.”