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Nomanono Isaacs at Horniman Gardens in 2012

Nomanono Isaacs at Horniman Gardens in 2012


 Dear Friend  
Over the years I have scribbled poetry to myself and for myself as a way of releasing. I enjoy putting my thoughts on paper even though I do not do this all the time! I also like doodling, I even have a picture of doodles I am so proud of, hanging in my living room! 

I was born in a small remote (well it was then!) village of Makhanya, in the District of Umzimkhulu, in South Africa. A childhood filled with music, laughter and love, not just from my extended family but also from our community. 

As things happen in some lives, for me everything changed from the age of 12. An emotional turbulence, pain and my whole world view fell apart. 

At the grand old age of 20, I escaped. My life was to take a new journey of self discovery, relearning how to love and trust again. Working with children and music was a great healer. It helped me to FORGIVE! Laughter helped me communicate with many different peoples. 

Writing about my childhood experiences in South Africa was a way of embracing my life as a whole and appreciating each and every part of it, and most importantly, appreciating my family. 

I also enjoy dancing, hiking, travelling to wherever! Anything that makes me laugh, Alternative Therapies (I am a qualified Reilki Master Practitioner, EscapingApartheid-CoverHolistic Massage Therapist, Spiritual Healer (NFSH) The Healing Trust, qualified) ALL teachings of Law of Attraction and Consciousness. My other qualifications are: Primary School Teacher and I am AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualified. 

I am appreciative and thankful for each moment that I am alive and breathing and for ALL Blessings that come to me in each and every moment. 

My journey, my life experiences, I honour by being the person I am today; loved and loving. Always wishing to shout from the roof tops that ONLY Love, Happiness and Joy keep me ALIVE Right Now!

I invite you to read my story in Escaping Apartheid – A Letter To My Mother. 

Many thanks for visiting, 

Nomanono Isaacs


From Roseanne May:

I was heartbroken, not just from romance but from the deep emotional wounds of life. Nomanono Isaacs offered vital support in my own need to understand and undertake a healing journey. In essence she was a loving, caring mentor who was willing and able to navigate alongside me. Nomanono guided me to the value and worth of my own inner self.Without fear of judgement or rejection, I was able to show and tell who I was, and reveal my emotional responses to life. Nomanono gave me wise and loving and honest counsel her sound advice came only from ‘a loving yourself’ place. In so doing, I found the strength to change what wasn’t working for me. It will be a dynamic, healing relationship with Nomanono, ever-changing ever growing, best of all there may be tears but there will be laughter too!