A Solution is Joy, Happiness And Appreciation

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A Solution is joy, happiness and appreciation — for awakening to Your Creator

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This is a channelling by Archangel Michael, through me, Nomanono Isaacs on 25th July 2020:

“Greetings, Greetings, Beloveds. I come with my Love. The Love of the Angelic Kingdom. The Energy Love of the Creator. I embrace you in my Love. Breathe in my Love and know that I’m always around you.

I’m the protector of all on Earth, and in the Star Systems, and everywhere there’s life, I’m the one protecting you. I ask you to be aware of this in order that you can consciously ‘ASK ME’ Archangel Michael, on a daily basis, for protection.

Why is protection important for you at this time? It is because there are many energies that are now emanating from Mother Earth. These energies are not good for Mother Earth, nor for Humanity. These energies are from the FEARS that Humanity have embraced for a very, very long time.

During this time of your pandemic on the Earth, these are the energies that have needed to come out of the Earth, to be released. The Earth receives everything from All Beings who dwell upon her.

Every negative thought, every positive thought that each and everyone of you has, goes out to the Human Collective, and to Mother Earth. The angers, the fears, the resentments. The joys, the happiness, the bliss, the peace that each one of you experiences, goes to the Human Collective as well as Mother Earth.

While these energies, all affect Mother Earth, it is important to tell you that Mother Earth is Not Broken. Mother Earth requires each and everyone of you now, to consciously choose to FIX YOURSELVES

You are the broken ones, Beloveds. Stop focusing on things that do not serve you, and do not serve the Human Collective, nor Mother Earth.

Awaken to Oneness! Awaken to Unity! Awaken to Togetherness! You have been separated for a very long time. It was not GOD who separated You! It were your fellow Humans! They told you that GOD was a punishing GOD. They told you that YOU HAVE TO FEAR GOD! 

Beloveds, how can you Love Someone You Fear? Think about it! There is no true love there. Love and Fear do not live together. The GOD you fear, wishes that you didn’t fear Her, Him, It. Before your time, Master Yeshua’s words were literally taken, and yet he spoke METAPHORICALLY! Then GOD was made to be a Male. 

Please Beloveds, evaluate your GOD, for GOD is within each and every being on Earth. GOD IS YOU AND ME. We are the aspects of GOD. GOD IS IN YOUR HEART and in each and every cell of your body. In your Auric Field. You are a Living God, who is currently separated from GOD in the Heavens. 

Connect to your INNER GOD, and by so doing, you are connecting to the GOD in the Heavens. You will truly be liberated, from all the pain, hardships, suffering and struggles. As a Human Collective, you have created ALL the suffering that is on the Earth. 

It is time you stop at looking at each other’s colours as more important than others. You are in the Garden of Paradise, where beauty is in different shades. Where Life is meant to pulsate with ease and effortlessness for every human being. 

You are meant to be joyful. To Thrive! Yes, to Prosper in many varied ways. You are supposed to be LIMITLESS! You were never meant to experience all these hardships, the pains, the struggles and suffering.

You have all created these experiences that need to go now. 2020 is a year heralding GOODNESS! Believe it or Not! It is here to bring you expansion, and release all the things that you have lived by and believed all the centuries, passed. It is a new decade. 

It’s come in with a Blazing Light of LOVE and to truly anchor, what it’s here for. For the Blazing Light of LOVE, to really anchor, all the negativity needs to come up to the surface in order to be released and be dealt with. 


Yes, what you are seeing in your world, is a huge release of things that need to be addressed, cleared and LOVED. Love everything that you don’t like. I know this is too much for most of you, but some, of you will understand what I am saying. 

Appreciate the old heavy energies of the past, that have been on the Earth Plane for centuries. They were all based on FEAR AND CONTROL. ALSO, they were based on INDIVIDUALISM.

Moving forward, in this new decade, you need to not Just Think Of You as an Individual. Think of others. When you pray for something that you desire, and want to experience in your reality, ask for it to manifest for you and for the Benefit of All.

This is no longer the world that was based on a few individuals, dominating the world and the rest suffering. GOD created this world for ALL beings. Be that person who will want to succeed as well as want others to succeed. That is, the person who is creating and praying for a life that will benefit all.

Beloveds, The True Solution Is Joy, Happiness And Appreciation.

When you focus on happiness, joy, and appreciation, you will uplift yourself, and those immediately around you. In the process, the whole of Humanity and Mother Earth. Remember, what you focus on, you create.

If you focus on things that are painful, you will bring to yourself, similar situations that are painful, basically, what you do not want.

Be mindful at each time, of what you are thinking. And how you are feeling. These are the two basic powerful energies that you have which create your life and your world: Thoughts and Feelings.

With ALL my Love. The Angelic LOVE. Thank you. 
Archangel Michael.

Thank you for taking time to read these words. Stay Blessed.