A LETTER TO MY INNER CHILD – The Rehabilitation Schemes and Forced Removals of People in White Apartheid South Africa – HURT YOU, BIG TIME!

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Dear My Beautiful Inner Child


I am here for you. Know that I truly love you. I have always loved you. At times when you felt afraid and abandoned by Mama and Tata; it was not because they did not love you. They had to painfully abandon their own home, to seek work in the cities of South Africa in order to rebuild in the newly allocated places. It was because of the Rehabilitation Schemes that were introduced, forcing our people to move away from their homes. The homes they had always known. Where they had always been self-sufficient.


Our families and community always supported one another. However, when the Rehabilitation Schemes of South Africa, in the villages of Umzimkhulu, in the Eastern Cape, came along, a lot of people’s lives were turned upside down. It was not just Umzimkhulu that was affected. Different parts of South Africa were affected. But I will only tell you about my area, because this is what I know and experienced. My Lovely Inner Child, I want you to know that you are Loved and you have always been loved. Tata and Mama always loved you. Our grandparents loved you. Their lives were turned upside down too. A lot of people were in pain my Beautiful Inner Child. And yet, they still loved you.


Galaxy photos 23 03 15 305 resizedOne of the times that were very hard on you, was hoeing Phungula’s fields, getting paid six pence for a row of maize and beans that was a mile long, this was very taxing on your soul at that time. You were between thirteen and fifteen years old. You felt like a slave. I thank you for your resilience and choosing to stop doing that, when you did. At first you were excited because you wanted to earn some pocket money. And then you realised that it was not what you really wanted to do because the Phungulas did not appreciate those who did hoeing on their fields. It just did not feel right to you that you had to do that hard work for that type of compensation. You felt that something better would show up. And it did show up.


 My Inner Child, you had Grandpa Nkwekhwezi and Grandma MaNovazi, who loved you dearly and cared for you. Even though Mama and Tata were not in the village with you, having been forced by the laws of the land, to leave and be somewhere far from you, they so very much loved you. I love you. We ALL loved you. You are very special. You have always been loved even at times when situations seem very bleak. I have always loved you. Your life has been coloured by so many events of pain, struggle and suffering. Tata and Mama always loved you in their hearts and souls, during their times of suffering, pain, hardships and struggles. My Inner Child I Love You.


Remember please, that before the destruction of our villages, when Mama was with you, My Inner Child, you always felt Her Love and you always felt safe with her around you even when Tata was away in the cities, working. And when Tata visited during his holidays, everyone, including you, were very happy at home. Yes, I love you My Inner Child. Mama and Tata always loved you and our Grandparents loved you very much.


In the relationships with men that did not work out, I love you still, My Inner Child. For a long time, because of the destruction of our family lives, Mama having to go to look for work because at that time, Tata was no longer able to find work, due to having burnt his Dom Pas – Identity Card that was created by the White Apartheid Regime of South Africa, to monitor African people. Tata burnt his together with others, in protest against the Pass Laws of South Africa. This then meant that he was no longer able to find work anywhere. Because you were a child and you did not understand My Inner Child, it felt to you like Tata had abandoned you and your family. You figured that if he had not abandoned you, your Mama would have still been with you. There would have been no need for her to go look for work as a domestic servant in white residential areas of South Africa.


The fear of abandonment, has been the cause of your relationships with men not working out in the past. My Inner Child, it is always very difficult to understand things when you are very young and things that adults do not talk about either, and you find out when you are grown up and you work them out as they become clearer. I now want you to know this My Darling Inner Child. Tata loved you. It was the political system of the White Apartheid Regime in South Africa that caused the break up of our family. It was this political system that was the root to your feelings of being abandon by your father. He was in a situation where something had to give, because of his principles. He did not want to carry an ID that was dehumanising Black people of South Africa. An ID created specifically to monitor movements of Black people in South Africa. So he ended up unable to find work. This did not mean that Tata did not love you. And he also did not abandon you. He loved you. Both your parents loved you very deeply, until the day they died.


I ask you now My Inner Child to hear me and truly trust me when I say to you: You were loved dearly by all members of the family. It was a political situation that caused separation and feelings that you were not supported as you should have been. IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON. TRULY MOVE ON! Know that you are beautiful. You are very strong and a powerful Being. You and Me My Inner Child have beautiful work to do together. We have so much love in our heart and soul. We are here to create a phenomenal life. We have now met the Love of Our Life, together. We are thriving. We are strong, kind, generous, powerful, caring. We have made it. Congratulations My Inner Child. Let us Celebrate Our Every Moment. We are in the shift that is taking us to places and experiences that we never thought were possible. We are determined. We are doing this. We know our intention. We know our aspirations. We know where we are going. We know where we want to be. I Love You More Than Forever! I am blessed to know you, feel you, treasure you. You Are So Loved! We Deserve a Great Life. Let’s together keep releasing all cares and doubts to Heaven.


We now have Heaven’s reassurance that we are ready. Let’s reach for the starts, knowing that we are qualified and deserving of these gifts, and open our arms to receive them and keep saying: Thank You, Bring Me More. Bring Us More. I LOVE YOU MY INNER CHILD. AND THANK YOU FOR OUR PARTNERSHIP.