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I am excited that you are here 2020. There was a time that I never even imagined you in my presence, still breathing here on earth. You seemed so far away and almost non-existent in my world. That was when I was a teenager. Ha!

What fun are we going to have? I hear you say to me: “ALL THE FUN YOU CHOOSE TO EXPERIENCE.” You say you have come with a very big smile for me and more that I cannot even begin to understand even if you gave me a clue. You seem powerful and yet gentle. You seem determined and excitable because you have so much to share.

I hear you say – it is all up to me, what I choose for you to be for me, in my life. You say you have come with wide open arms to lift me if this is my desire. You are like a mother that has come to me with a lot of love. You have a lot to give, you are saying. And you are asking if I will absorb all that is there for me to receive from your powerful being. I hear you say it is up to me to choose to be silly, happy, playful, and have great fun. You say it is also my choice to have faith, trust and belief. I hear you asking if I believe that everything is always working out well for me even at the very darkest moments of despair?

You are asking me to be thankful for 2019 because everything that I have experienced in 2019 has been for my highest good and for the benefit of humanity. You are saying that whatever pain I experienced within my body, was because I had not taken time to listen and love my body or appreciate all the work that my body does for me in every moment. I had not taken time to appreciate the intricate engineering specimen that I am. Instead I pushed my body to its point of screams manifesting as pains in different parts.

You say whatever pain I experienced through my observation of life around people and situations, were also for me to continue learning to rise and raise my vibrations in order not to go down and be drowned by my observations. You are telling me that because we are currently living in duality, it is a constant requirement to be aware, at every moment, what I am feeling and where my thoughts are taking me. Vigilance on my part will carry me forward to where I choose to be. I hear you say.

2020 I hear you say you are here with plenty of wisdom, new beginnings and LOVE. And you are saying each and every year that I have experienced over the years, has come with love, but it may be that I focused more on the pain than the good moments of happiness. You are giggling, saying that all human beings tend to focus on painful situations instead of focusing more on happy moments. And then we end up creating more painful situations in our lives. You are saying that we end up blaming others for creating painful situations for us, when in fact we have been creating, the very uncomfortable situations, ourselves, without even realising, with our tendency to focus on painful situations.

2020 I hear you say that you are thankful to 2019 for being a catalyst for change in me, even if perhaps I am not aware of this change. You are telling me that 2019 helped me realise situations I had created which did not serve me, and by that realisation, I was able to embark on an honest internal change. And you are saying 2019 was an intensifying cleanser, clearer, purifier and released a lot that no longer served me.

Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for all that 2019 has shown me about me. Some situations were tough and emotionally draining, but 2020, you are telling me that all the emotionally painful as well as the emotionally joyful situations were all my creations. So, I should be thankful to all of them for they helped me to decide to choose a better way of thinking. Yes, of course, it has always been my thoughts and feelings! I hug myself for reaching 2020 with a smile on my face and truly looking forward to exciting situations. I don’t know what they are and it really doesn’t matter. I am excited that 2020 you are here. I hug you and hug me, yes, my energetic arms are able to. I am thankful for each and every moment in my life and reality because I am forever learning, shifting and keep going.

2019, Thank you for bringing me amazing love from the Inner Planes. Thank you to my Community of Guides. Thank you to my Ancestors. Thank you to The Beacons of Love and Light. All of you have carried me and supported me. You have loved me and guided me. Thank you for showing me so much support in ways that I had never experienced before.

2020, Bring me more of the amazing love, support, guidance and care from the Inner Planes. Thank you for being here. I am looking forward to a wonderful journey with you. I thank you in advance for my exciting fun times ahead.